Ahh Islay!

So, I am off to Islay tomorrow to work for a few days and this is something to seriously look forward to. If you have been to Islay then you will undoubtedly know where I am coming from! My job involves a huge amount of travel around Europe which I enjoy hugely but when the opportunity comes to go to Islay, I look forward to it like no other trip.

It is almost when you arrive the Islay feeling gets into you. It must be that salty air! Spending time at the distillery makes you realise that this is where all of the Bowmore story orginates from and it makes you feel quite humble. For over 230 years our little distillery has been producing this wonderful spirit and leaving it to mature slowly in the No. 1 Vaults.

BOWsea -hi

If you ever get the opportunity to come to Islay, jump at it with both hands! A magical Island only a 30 minute flight from Glasgow or 3 hours by car and a 3 hour ferry ride! It is a trip you will never forget! The following website has many pointers on what the Island can offer (www.islayinfo.com) and of course you can stay in our amazing cottages and do one of our great tours.

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