Feis Ile 2013 (Part 1)

So last week I was on Islay for Feis Ile 2013.

I have been to Feis Ile before in a former life, but never have I experienced such a great day as Wednesday 29th May, Bowmore day!

It actually started on Tuesday as I made my way over from Tarbert where I had been sailing for a few days. I was immediately put to work collecting seafood from all over the island for the classes and pairings happening during the Wednesday. 130 Oysters and 180 Langoustines were fetched from Islay Oysters and the pier at Port Ellen and I have to say some of the finest seafood I have seen. I was doing a food and Bowmore combination tasting on the Wednesday in Warehouse 4 with Craig Millar who has a wonderful restaurant in St Monan's, Fife http://www.16westend.com/

Craig was in charge of preparing these oysters and langoustines along with many other canapes and dishes for Feis Ile and did a superb job...amazing food! The langoustines particularly were proving challenging...

On the Tuesday evening, I was honoured to listen to our Master Blender Rachel Barrie and Eddie MacAffer do a simply stunning class. All held in the No.1 Vaults with its atmospheric surroundings, Rachel and Eddie did a trilogy tasting to 12 lucky people, White, Gold and Black all from 1964. Sublime and amazing! 

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On the way to Lochside for a drink after the tasting I met the man who was going to be first in the queue to get the two Feis Ile bottlings. Keen!!!

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And what a sunset to finish off an exceptional day and we have not even hit Bowmore's day on Wednesday yet!

Islay is magical!

Feis 2013

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