Feis Ile 2013 (Part 2)

Wednesday started with stunning weather and a large queue for the 2013 bottlings. Always popular, this year we had produced two. The first was a Bourbon Matured 2013 Feis Ile special at Cask Strength and the second was commerative bottling of 1988.

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A small queue! 

There was so many activities going at Bowmore including some specific beer tastings with Jeremy, A twillight tasting in the No.1 Vaults with Rachel focusing on some amazing expressions and cocktails in the maltbarns with Faye Woodcock. A full line up of the day is here.


Bowmore Bourbon and Sherry Matured Beer!

My masterclass was with Craig Millar and he had been frantically preparing some amazing dishes to go with a superb lineup of whiskies....

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The lineup started with 2013 Bourbon matured Feis Ile bottling, 15yo Darkest, Springtide (fully matured in Oloroso casks) and finishing on the 1988 Feis bottling. A superb array and what combinations Craig produced to go with these.

The first dish was smoked duck with orange and chicory marmalade on a Bowmore grist roll paired with the 2013 Feis bottling. The roll had been made using Bowmore grist reflecting that superb smokiness. This was a great combination!!

This was followed by a langoustine stir fry with chocolate satay sauce with Bowmore 15yo Darkest. It was certainly different and personally I loved it! Darkest is a superb whisky and pairs superbly with dark chocolate but this added another dimension.

Then braised ox cheek cottage pie with bonnet goats cheese paired with Springtide. Amazing with both superbly rich. but also they matched on texture in my opinion with the heavier sherry matured flavoured flavours reflected in the rich lingering braised meat in the pie.

With the 1988 bottling, Craig produced a vanilla panna cotta with salted caramel and puff candy. This was also a sublime combination, with both complimenting each other. The salted caramel reflecting the Bowmore saltiness and the sweetness in this whisky. The vanilla from the panna cotta matching superbly with the flavours imparted into this whisky from the bourbon casks. Not to mention the creaminess matching up beautifully too!!

All in all the day was wonderful and it was a pleasure to be involved. Thanks to the team at the Distillery and all who attended the Bowmore Feis Ile day!!


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