Interwhisky...Europe's largest show??

Well just back from a hugely successful show in Frankfurt in Germany! It could possibly be the biggest show in Europe and by judging from the queues on Saturday all day to get probably is! 


This picture was taken around 4pm, 4 hours after the opening and unfortunately many frustrated consumers left dissappointed!

This show has a big audience but it is hampered by venue size which is a shame! It made the atmosphere on Saturday too overpowering and as a visitor it would have been too much for me after a while. It is important to be able to talk to consumers if they want to hear and I do not like just pouring Bowmore without explaining the dram they are tasting!


The show does bring together however a lot of very enthusiastic whisky drinkers but also a large new to whisky consumer too, keen to learn. We did a Bowmore Forum on Saturday which we tasted the 15yo Darkest and new Tempest 4 just available in the market. The forum was so over subscribed we had around 130 attendees which was the busiest forum and not many shows can provide that audience.


The audience enjoying the flavours of the 15yo Darkest with their blindfolds on....standing room only!

Overall a good show but there needs to be some more consideration to the visitors and exhibitors so larger venue next year please!! 

Hope you enjoyed Bowmore if you were there!


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