Small Batch and Mark Greenaway

We have partnered with one of the rising stars of Edinburgh’s culinary scene, Mark Greenaway, to create an indulgent dessert that brings to life our most delicate and balanced Single Malt to date – Bowmore Small Batch.  Designed to encapsulate all our magical island has to offer, this delicious dessert will transport you into “Islay Time”, a world of peace and tranquillity.

With a passion for Scottish ingredients, Mark Greenaway uses only the very best local, seasonal produce transforming them with modern techniques. Mark’s menus are always intriguing with a presentation that is pleasing to both eye and palate. Mark’s signature style is desserts, a visit to his restaurant Mark Greenaway is an invitation to indulge.

Mark Greenaway

‘After sampling the Bowmore Small Batch Reserve and speaking to Master Blender Rachel Barrie, I wanted the dessert to reflect the many layers of flavour found within the Whisky; honeycomb, lime, coconut, and salt to name but a few. For me the flavour of food is more important than presentation, and each flavour has to marry perfectly to the next.  I believe the dessert I have designed to pair with Bowmore Small Batch Reserve does just that, and also looks great!”

Mark 2 

Rachel Barrie, Master Blender working with Mark, “Bowmore Small Batch Reserve encapsulates the perfect harmony of nature’s elements on a summer’s day on Islay. The sweetest smoked barley and highest quality bourbon oak casks have created a vanilla elixir with ripe orchard fruits, honeycomb and teasing wispy smoke. Relax, take it easy and enter Islay time with the harmonious taste of Small Batch Reserve.”

Desert 1

following the link to get the recipe for the Salted Honeycomb Parfait, Honey nut tuile, Coconut and Lime 'Doughnut'. Crystallised gorse flowers, Peach syrup.  

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