Mountain Guides Scale Ben Nevis

On Tuesday the 20th November, Bowmore took on an excursion to Fort William to scale Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK as part of the International Federation Mountain Guides Associations annual meet.

We set off early to scale this iconic mountain. Nevis has a reputation worldwide as a crucible for the development of climbing, especially in winter. Ice climbing techniques and the development of ice climbing equipment was pioneered here and exported around the world by British climbers explorations and ventures in remote locations and reputable faces.

Mountain Guides Ben Nevis 1

We hadn’t visited the mountain since the Bowmore Ben Nevis Challenge in August of 2011, and this time we’d be approaching from the infamous North Face. There is a certain mystique about the North Face of Ben Nevis and the weather on the day certainly reflected this. Undeterred we headed up the mountain with the British Mountain Guides and their International Mountain Guide colleagues with the intention of ascending a variety of routes and to experience a sense of the mystery of ‘The Ben’.

Mountain Guides Ben Nevis 2

Sadly Scotland’s weather got the better of us and we weren’t able to complete the climb. But we did drop into a very welcome mountain hut for a warming dram of Bowmore (which was very well received!) before heading down the mountain again.

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