October Phew!

Well it has been a crazy month of travel around Europe incorporating some seven or so countries on the way! We all know that this time of year is hectic but it is still great fun to get out there and talk a lot about our brands! Bowmore does have such and affinity with people and when you give them our products they love the balance, whether from Spain or Russia!

It started off with Whisky Live Barcelona on 1st October. A great show which also incorporates other spirits, it was great for us to be there and conduct a masterclass. Still a very important market for Bowmore and MBD's other brands.

I then moved on to Austria and the Whisky Weekend in Salzburg. I did a Bowmore and Auchentoshan masterclass in the vaults built into the mountains in Salzburg! Made it feel like the No.1 Vaults a little!!!


A great little show and hugely enjoyable. One of those shows that is great for consumers and producers as you are able to speak to the visitors as it is not too crowded!! 

Next I was off to Germany for a few assignments around the BCB (Berllin Bar Convent). I headed by train from Salzburg to Nuremburg via Munich to do a tasting to 70 on the whole Bowmore range. It went down a storm and it is not often I get to do the whole range from Legend to 25.


It was a great evening and a whole mix of people turned up from those who knew a lot about Bowmore and those who knew nothing!

In Berlin there is now probably the Best Bar show in the Europe so we were in attendance under our German distributor Campari. It is an essential part of our yearly activity talking to the on-trade and it is refreshing to see so many of them keen on our products.

P1010359This is me preparing to talk to about 50 people during one of the breakout sessions during the BCB.


Other activity included a visit to the beautiful Tallinn and some trainings when I was out there. There is a real thirst for whisky knowledge in Tallinn and certainly a potential growth market for Bowmore going forward.

P1010444This is Fat Margaret.....a famous part of Tallinn old town!!

I have been travelling around Europe for so much of October that it has gone by in flash! I also was in Russia which is getting a taste for Bowmore and also Sweden, one our most eastablished markets. I am about to embark on November with some activity in Belgium over the weekend with the Spirits in the Sky Festival and then off to Paris! November also includes Whisky Live Den Haag and Interwhisky. The roundabout keeps going!

Hopefully see you at a show soon!!

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