Ship Ahoy!

So it is the start of 2013 and already a busy year is planned! After such a nice break over the holiday period, it is great to be back into the swing of things. It all started this past weekend on the Viking Line Cinderella Whisky Cruise in Sweden.

Viking _line _cinderella

This cruise takes place over 3 seperate trips back to back between Stockholm and Finland. A 24 hour cruise where about 1500 people join the boat for whisky sampling on the car deck and masterclasses on the upper decks. And then we do it all again, another two times! It is a marathon but it is indeed a great time with the hugely knowledgable Swedish audience who love Bowmore!

Sweden Jan 13

This cruise caters for the travel retail market so we had on show the full travel retail range being Surf, 12yo Enigma, 15yo Mariner, 100 Degrees Proof, 17yo and Springtide. This Springtide expression is very limited (4,000 bottles) but is fantastic and is something worth looking at the next time you are travelling as is all of the range. All of these whiskies proved hugely popular but Springtide sold out in around 1 hour into the first trip.

Spring Tide Bot Cart _0000loBowmore Springtide (70cl)

The new expression takes its name from the high tide of spring, when the earth, sun and moon are all aligned. Predominantly matured in first-fill Spanish Oloroso sherry casks, this beautifully rich expression is packaged in a super premium gift pack, the perfect purchase both as a gift and for the whisky enthusiast.

Tasting Notes
Colour: Warm bronze.
Nose: Abound in chocolate and sticky figs, which balance perfectly against the classic sea-salt peatiness.
Palate: Rich in treacle toffee with raisins and dark sherry.
Finish: Lingering smoky finish.
RRP £120.00 

I would strongly recommend picking this up if you see it...and 100 Degrees Proof too!

The trip runs through the Baltic sea which at this time of the year is frozen in many parts. It was also - 20 degrees C outside for most of the cruises. This video shows the ferry puching through the frozen sea on one of the days! 

On each trip I did a Bowmore masterclass which were very popular covering of course the Travel Retail range of Mariner, 17yo and 100 Degrees Proof and including the Tempest 2 and 3 editions also. Each if these classes were on the graveyard early 10am shift which is an intresting time to sample cask strength whisky!!

So all in all an amazing trip, and nice to see some old friends from the industry and meet some new ones. Viking Line has turned into a hugely successful show and certainly from Bowmore's perspective too (and our other brands!)

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I would strongly recommend this trip next year but my advice, come on the first trip out of 3 before everything sells out!! 

All the best!


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