The Battle

On the 16th March, the battle commences and you decide!

At Whisky Festival Ghent in a couple of weeks, we are putting on a unique masterclass. it is going to be a challenge of the finest Bowmore's against the finest Japanese whiskies from Yamazaki and Hakushu.

The masterclass which takes place on Saturday 16th March at 1pm is going to be conducted by Yamazaki and Hakushu's European Brand Ambassador Tatsuya Minagawa and myself. We will both be talking about our whiskies but it is the audience who decide. It will be four whiskies from each lined up against each other and the whiskies are as follows

Bowmore 12yo v Hakushu 12yo

Bowmore 15yo Darkest v Yamazaki 18yo

Bowmore 18yo v Hakushu 18yo

Bomwore Tempest 4 v Hakushu Bourbon Barrel

Come and pick your favourite....

See you there!




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