The Mash Tun

Once the dried malt has been ground down to grist in the Mill Room, it passes through to the Mash House. This is where we convert the starch in the grain into liquid sugar or 'wort', which is what we need to make alcohol. The grist is mixed with three lots of water at increasingly high temperatures to leech out as much sugar as possible and maximise the yield of alcohol.

  • Eight tonnes of grist are added to 40,000 litres of water, drawn from the River Laggan.
  • The sugary liquid passes through the finely slatted floor of the Mash Tun before being pumped into the washbacks next door.
  • The spent grain that's left is high in protein. This 'draff' as it's known is sold to local farmers as cattle feed for the winter months.
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Master Distiller

Eddie began his days at Bowmore in July 1966 working in the warehouses. He then moved to the Maltbarns gradually working throughout the distillery before earning his title as Master Distiller.

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