40% abv | Subtle peat smoke, refreshing citrus and honey sweetness from the island of Islay.

Bowmore Legend

Crafted from a selection of the finest North American bourbon barrels, which help to bring out its trademark characteristics, Bowmore Legend is a fitting tribute to the very first Islay malt. So much so that it has become something of a legend in its own right, among single malt whisky lovers everywhere.

Tasting Notes

On the eye light gold. 

Breathe in distinctive Bowmore smoky peat, with a gentle breeze of fresh sea air. 

Sip bold, zesty lemon notes together with a touch of honey. 

Savour the full and complex finish with distinctive Islay peat smoke.

Tasting Video
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  • Edward Montgomery

    5 star rating

    My first Islay, and it has stood up well.

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