White Bowmore 1964

42.8% abv | An outstanding combination of exotic fruit, vanilla, maple syrup and peat.

Light, Luscious Vanilla Tones

The second in our limited edition 1964 Trilogy series, the White Bowmore was distilled on exactly the same day as the Black Bowmore, but then filled into bourbon casks, making for a fascinating contrast. Matured for 43 years in our legendary No. 1 Vaults, the White Bowmore 1964 is infused with light, luscious vanilla tones and has a very subtle golden hue. Only 732 bottles were produced.

Tasting Notes

On the eye golden syrup.

Breathe in Gallia melon, mango and papaya. 

Sip mixed exotic fruits, vanilla and maple syrup with just a trace of Bowmore peat smoke.

Savour the surprisingly clean and incredibly long finish.

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