12 Years Old

12 Years Old | 40% abv | Puffs of peat smoke and pools of honey, sharpened by lemon zest.

The Bowmore Balance

Complex yet perfectly balanced, our 12 Years Old reflects the raw essence of Bowmore - thrashing waves, windswept landscapes and generations of tradition. Bowmore 12 Years Old has received much critical acclaim; the late, great whisky writer Michael Jackson proclaimed it "remarkably long and complex". We like to think of it as vanilla ice cream at a beach bonfire.

Tasting Notes

On the eye warm amber.

Breathe in subtle lemon and honey, balanced beautifully by Bowmore's trademark peaty smokiness.

Sip sweet and delicious heather honey and gentle peat smoke.

Savour the long, mellow finish.

ISC SilverIWSC Silver Outstanding

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Food Pairing
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  • Tom Lupo

    4 star rating

    Great for outdoors. Not the peatiest but that makes it more approachable for most.

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  • Food Pairing

    A Match Made In Heaven

    Try some smoked salmon, langoustines, scallops or oysters with a little fresh lemon and a generous measure of our 12 Years Old to see for yourself just how perfectly they complement each other.

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