Bowmore x Hania Rani
Two sensorial spirits

Bowmore x Hania Rani

Carefully crafted for over 240 years, Bowmore® creates exceptionally expressive whiskies which take you on an immersive journey. This is a journey with flavour at its heart, defined and intentional depth of character leading to our multidimensional single malt which truly captivates the senses.

A commitment to the most flavourful composition sits at the heart of Bowmore and has inspired our latest collaboration. Together with composer Hania Rani, we explore the complex and multi-layered world of Bowmore, alongside that of Hania’s artistic vision.

About the artist

Hania Rani composes and creates music as her own way of communication, her complete interpretation of art.

Having been fully immersed in the world of Bowmore during a visit to our striking and beguiling island home, Hania was captivated by the remarkable spirit crafted over centuries of time. This provided her with the canvas to capture, celebrate and reimagine the sensorial moment that exists in every glass of Bowmore with its smouldering complexity, and curate a piece of original all-encompassing musical art forged from components inspired from her time on Islay.

Hania Rani, said, “Nature is central to my inspiration and being on Islay really amplified my own sense of natural connection. There is something about Bowmore because it comes from Islay, rooted in the land shaped by nature, which perfectly represents The Boat. Listening to the song, you are transported to another place as you forget about the passage of time and become immersed in the moment.”

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