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Black Bowmore Archive Cabinet

The perfect collection of all five Black Bowmore from 1993 - 2016


An exceptionally rare collection of Black Bowmore single malt, direct from Bowmore distillery on Islay, housed in a unique handcrafted Cabinet, itself a functioning bar.

Celebrating the pioneering spirit of the distillery and the story of the iconic Black Bowmore, each element of the Archive Cabinet tells a story of time and evolution. From the repurposing of former elements of the distillation process to taking inspiration from colours, textures and patterns witnessed around the distillery and across Islay. The Cabinet houses five rare bottles of Black Bowmore, bottled between 1993 and 2016 and includes set of solid brass coasters, six hand- made glasses and a water jug.

Proceeds from the auction will go to the ground-breaking Bowmore Legacy project to support the Islay community.


First edition
Release date: 1993
Aged: 29 years
No. of bottles: 2,000
Bottle no. 819

Second edition
Release date: 1994
Aged: 30 years
No. of bottles: 2,000
Bottle no. 18

Third edition
Release date: 1995
Aged: 31 years
No. of bottles: 1,812
Bottle no. 7

Fourth edition
Release date: 2007
Aged: 42 years
No. of bottles: 827
Bottle no. 2

Fifth edition
Release date: 2016
Aged: 50 years
No. of bottles: 159
Bottle no. 72


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