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Islay Single Malt Whisky

We are the original Islay distillery and home to the oldest Scotch whisky maturation warehouse in the world.

Within our No. 1 Vaults, you’ll find more Scotch history than anywhere else. It’s in the fresh sea air, the old stone walls, and the earth upon which every cask of Bowmore whisky matures.

A place of legend and craftsmanship, of beauty and reflection, the No. 1 Vaults is where Bowmore single malt Scotch whisky is meticulously matured until perfect. Our master distillers have been doing it that way since 1779.

Distillery worker shovelling yeast

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Visit the Bowmore distillery and venture into the legendary No. 1 Vaults

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See how our passion, expertise and unique heritage shape our Scotch

Distillery manager with barrels in warehouse
Bowmore Black 2016 product shot

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Delve into the Bowmore story, as rich, complex and captivating as our whisky

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